Watch Video: Stan Prinston, New York City born and raised, started his musical career as a choir boy in Catholic school. Like so many other aspiring singers, high school opened up the world as he and his friends sang close harmony in the hallways and stairways looking for that echo.

Stan has spent many years honing his craft on cruise lines, well-known super clubs, and casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

Stan became a Florida resident with his encouraging, loving wife and five children. Three of which are in the construction industry, one is a personal trainer, and one is a stay-at- home mother. Stan and his wife also have eight grandchildren.

He continues to work as an entertainer in the Tampa Bay Area, as well as the east coast of Florida. He has worked as a radio announcer and MC, and is skilled at doing voice-overs and script writing for WDUV Radio in St. Petersburg, Florida. Stan was acclaimed by Sun Coast News as one of the best R&B singers in the Tampa Bay Area.

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